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More security against the corona virus with special measures

In view of the new type of corona virus, our hotel is continuously sterilized and disinfected.

Especially now that hygiene is extremely important, we want to protect our guests especially and have introduced an expanded 4-phase hygiene concept


Phase 1- cleaning of the rooms and extended hygiene measures (single-use products, TV remote controls in single-use locks, etc.) and all other areas (public and non-public) We would like to point out that we have also introduced a special disinfection program. -

Phase 2 - UVC air disinfection in our public areas lounge, breakfast & bar. 

   - UVC air disinfection: HOW IT WORKS Disinfection by means of UV radiation in the air to purify biological contaminants • Viruses • Bacteria • Fungal spores


Phase 3 -Phase 3 - Here handrails, door handles & handles, elevator tablets and surfaces are treated 1-2 times by a special disinfection device.

Phase 4
 - Ozone treatment of the rooms through the effective oxidizing effect of ozone, the room is subjected to sterilization.
After the usual, thorough room cleaning, which is now reinforced by the use of special disinfectants, an ozone generator treats the room for 15 minutes. Ozone acts as trivalent oxygen - i.e. as a gas already present in nature (it is released during thunderstorms, for example) - on the air and on surfaces in contact with air. Ozone makes bacteria and viruses harmless, destroys mites, insects, bacteria, spores and mold in an absolutely natural, environmentally friendly and safe way. Nobody enters the room during ozone treatment. The room is then ventilated and the ozone breaks down into pure oxygen.

Wirkung OZON Ozonreinigung

For more information: ANTI-CORONAVIRUS

This hygiene guarantee means that every guest can always consider themselves the first occupant of the room, because nothing, but really nothing, no residues, bacteria or living things can withstand the disinfectant effect of ozone.

Ozone has been declared a safe agent by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In Italy it has been used for the sterilization of operating theaters for several years. This is the maximum guarantee of hygiene and safety that we can offer you, a well-being that our guests deserve and an option that will make your stay more enjoyable and safe.

We are always available for questions. Stay healthy
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