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Experience the city like never before

"The city of Düsseldorf is very beautiful, and when one thinks of it in the distance, and was born there by chance, one becomes in a fantastical mood. I was born there and it seems to me, as if I had to go home at once. "This was written by the great poet Heinrich Heine, one of the most famous sons of Düsseldorf.

Discover Düsseldorf directly from Hotel Berial ! The many sights, stroll along, The old town (Altstadt), the Kö ( Kö-bogen, Königsallee, the Rhine are a few of the numerous places to visit. Or,get to know the exciting nightlife, shopping street, or the business city center are just a footstep away.

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    The Old Town of (Altstadt) Düsseldorf is a very special place. Only 500 m away from Hotel Berial the old town is also called "longest bar in the world", There are not only pubs and bars as well as restaurant after restaurant but also many shops and art galleries.Take a 5 min walk along the Hofgarten park from Hotel Berial to the Altstadt.  Walk along the Rhine river promenade or have one of Duesseldorf famous „ Alt“ beer and enjoy your afterwork watching the sun disappear behind the Rhine. And do not forget the cultural offer! Numerous cultural monuments are found in Düsseldorf's Old Town, attracting national and international guests to the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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    Hotel Berial directly in the city center of the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia - „Düsseldorf“ which is centrally located in the Rhineland and therefore easily reachable from all directions.

    Whether it is the vastness of the Niederrheins, the charm of the Ruhr area or the history of Cologne, Hotel Berial is never more away then an hour drive.

    Or discover something new: the Netherlands Mcarthurglenn Outlet Rin Roermond, or Belgium are not far away eather- Düsseldorf and Hotel Berial in its center is simply a city of the world! Would you like to get tips for any kind of excursions in the region ? Then just ask us: We know and will be glad to help you.

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