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  • Am Rhein Die Kasematten

  • Altstadt Alter Hafen

  • Altstadt Beim Uerige

  • Am Rhein Blick auf Altstadt

    Düsseldorf experience

    Boutique Hotel Berial Düsseldorf - Altstadt

    "The city of Düsseldorf is very beautiful, and when one thinks of it in the distance, and was born there by chance, one becomes in a fantastical mood. I was born there and it seems to me, as if I had to go home at once. "This was written by the great poet Heinrich Heine, one of the most famous sons of Düsseldorf.

    Discover Düsseldorf directly from Hotel Berial ! The many sights, stroll along, The old town (Altstadt), the Kö ( Kö-bogen, Königsallee, the Rhine are a few of the numerous places to visit. Or,get to know the exciting nightlife, shopping street, or the business city center are just a footstep away.

    Here is a link to the homepage of the city of Düsseldorf: logo duesseldorf